Burglary - defined as the unlawful entry of a structure, such as a home or business, to commit a theft or felony - is the most serious nonviolent offense tracked by the FBI. There were just over 1 million burglaries reported in the United States in 2020, resulting in billions of dollars in stolen property.

Most burglaries in the U.S. are committed in residential properties, and more often during the day than at night. Not only do victims of burglaries typically suffer material loss, but they can also be impacted psychologically. Many burglary victims have reported heightened anxiety, difficulty sleeping, feelings of vulnerability, and even post-traumatic stress disorder in some cases.

Encouragingly, burglaries are becoming less common in the United States, with total reported cases dropping by 7% in the most recent year of available data. The decline in the burglary rates nationwide is being driven by steep declines in burglary rates in some major metropolitan areas.

In the Alexandria metro area, located in Louisiana, the total number of burglaries fell by 8.4% - from 1,682 in 2019 to 1,541 in 2020. The resulting decrease in the area's population-adjusted burglary rate was one of the largest of any U.S. metro areas.

The reported burglary rate in Alexandria declined by about 88 incidents for every 100,000 people from 2019 to 2020. Despite the decrease, the metro area's burglary rate of 1,019 reported incidents per 100,000 people remains well above the national rate of 314 burglaries per 100,000 people.

All crime data used in this story is from the FBI's 2019 and 2020 Uniform Crime Reports. We considered all U.S. metropolitan areas for which the boundaries defined by the FBI match the boundaries as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.


RankMetro area1-yr. decline in burglary rate (burglaries per 100k people)Burglaries per 100k people, 2020Total burglaries, 2020Total burglaries, 2019
1Florence, SC2766731,3791,945
2Sumter, SC2525297421,093
3Lawton, OK2325747231,010
4Vallejo, CA2186152,7513,727
5Madera, CA208226353682
6Sebring-Avon Park, FL206312333546
7Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV1983758,68313,003
8Sioux City, IA-NE-SD176394569816
9New Bern, NC176530657881
10Burlington, NC160430738993
11Panama City, FL1464437751,097
12Vineland-Bridgeton, NJ146399593816
13Modesto, CA1463321,8252,628
14Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ1414148891,171
15Bakersfield, CA1397086,3587,595
16Stockton, CA1313692,8173,771
17Elizabethtown-Fort Knox, KY127181279472
18Elmira, NY127159131238
19Greenville, NC120350638852
20Brownsville-Harlingen, TX1192751,1651,670
21Abilene, TX117330568765
22Tallahassee, FL1154451,7282,154
23Anchorage, AK1134881,4881,837
24Monroe, LA1128361,6651,903
25Lafayette, LA1055152,5233,031
26Goldsboro, NC104615758887
27Toledo, OH1043652,3373,011
28The Villages, FL100139191318
29Jacksonville, FL983164,9966,410
30Chico, CA983848331,111
31Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI922209,47213,451
32Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, FL912687,1389,389
33Wilmington, NC883721,1271,380
34Canton-Massillon, OH884021,5911,946
35Alexandria, LA8810191,5411,682
36Fort Wayne, IN862058511,200
37Rockford, IL853401,1321,424
38Spartanburg, SC855251,7031,941
39Fort Smith, AR-OK835201,3031,506
40Clarksville, TN-KY832868931,145
41Huntington-Ashland, WV-KY-OH832871,0151,317
42St. George, UT82150273408
43Charleston-North Charleston, SC743092,5333,084
44Roanoke, VA74209656887
45Johnson City, TN73278567712
46California-Lexington Park, MD71224255333
47Gainesville, FL693391,1201,345
48Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA6936917,14020,268
49Yuma, AZ69301653793
50Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, FL682681,6292,019