The Iowa state Capitol building in Des Moines

The Iowa state Capitol building in Des Moines

(The Center Square) – About three in five Iowa-based small business owners said in a survey that Republicans control of both houses of Congress would be best for business.

Between Oct. 1 and Nov. 2, Alignable asked 4,795 randomly selected U.S.-based business owners “What outcome to the November midterm elections would benefit your business the most?”

Alignable Head of Research, Corporate Communications and News Chuck Casto told The Center Square the national survey included 126 Iowa businesses.

Fifty-eight percent said they would prefer Republicans had control of both houses of Congress, 34% said it’d be best if both houses were controlled by Democrats, and 8% said “none of the above,” Casto said. None of the businesses selected the fourth option, which was “House and Senate control remains split between parties.”

Alignable also asked business owners whether elected politicians in Iowa are doing a great job for their businesses. Casto said 43% of the businesses chose “No, they say they care, but they don’t act like they do” and 21% said “Not at all, they need to get the boot.” Thirty-six percent of businesses said it’s hard to tell what elected officials are doing for their businesses.

“So 64% don't think your elected officials in Iowa -- for the House, Senate, Governorship, or even more local leaders -- are doing anything special for small businesses in Iowa,” Casto said. “Like many small businesses elsewhere, your IA-based SMBs feel like their needs are not being represented well by most elected officials.”

More than half, 58%, said they disapproved of senators. One-fourth of the businesses said they neither approved or disapproved of senators.

While senators and federal representatives each received 17% approval ratings, the disapproval rating for federal representatives was 75%. Eight percent of business owners said they neither approved or disapproved of federal representatives.

Self-identified party affiliation among the respondents was 42% independent, 25% Republican, 25% Democrat and 8% Libertarian.

Nationally, there are about 30 million small business owners. Even though only 35% said they were Republicans, 62% of the small business owners said a Republican-controlled Congress would be best for their businesses. Business owners in manufacturing (86%), agriculture (80%) and transportation (78%) were the most likely to support a Republican-controlled Congress. Half of nonprofits and 54% of photographers favor a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Fifty-four percent of U.S. business owners said they’re “highly concerned” about rising interest rates and new rates this year have already hurt business. Fifty-five percent said elected officials haven’t done a great job for their small businesses.

About one in 10 business owners approve of the work of the House and the Senate. About one in four small businesses have fully recovered since the beginning of the pandemic, down 19 percentage points since December 2021. One-third of businesses said that if their revenues don’t increase in November and December, they may need to close their businesses before 2023.

Thirty-seven percent of small businesses nationally told Alignable in October that they couldn’t pay rent last month. Most said high inflation was the biggest challenge.

Pennsylvania (77%), Ohio (76%), Virginia (73%) and New Jersey (71%) small businesses were the most likely to say they favored a Republican-ruled Congress.