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Steve Loya | Flickr via Creative Commons

The Iowa State Board of Education has scheduled six hearings across the state to gather public input on changing rules that have allowed for the use of seclusion rooms and restraints on students with behavioral issues.

The rooms and restraints have been used on students as young as elementary school, the ACLU of Iowa says.

"The ACLU of Iowa has fundamental concerns about locking up and restraining students," the ACLU said in a statement. "It's been pushing for improved rules to govern the use of these rooms, along with partner organizations Disability Rights Iowa, The University of Iowa Law Clinic, and four private attorneys."

The ACLU and other groups want to change the rules to "ensure that such extreme measures are used only when there is a serious risk of harm to the student or others and that there is appropriate training and oversight, including timely notification of parents or guardians."

The schedule public hearing are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, September 24, in Creston.
  • Wednesday, September 25, in Johnston.
  • Thursday, September 26, in Cedar Rapids.
  • Tuesday, October 1, in Pocahontas.
  • Wednesday, October 2, in Cedar Falls.
  • Thursday, October 3, in Ottumwa.