FILE - Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds prefers continued education over a government ban on the topic of the dangers of vaping.

Reynolds this week said she had no plans to issue an executive order banning vaping or flavored vapes as the governors of Michigan and New York have done. In both cases, courts halted the bans.

The latest Iowa Department of Public Health report says there have been 43 cases of lung disease caused by vaping within the state.

While DPH medical director Caitlin Pedati could not pinpoint the exact cause, she said that her agency is detecting several illnesses that are related to what can happen when people inhale or use a variety of products. No deaths have been reported in the state.

Nationally, 1,888 cases of lung injury due to vaping have been reported to Centers for Disease Control as of Oct. 29.

Most of the cases nationally have been linked to vaping products containing THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana.

Rather than ban vaping or vaping flavors in Iowa, Reynolds said she wants the state's education, health, and public safety departments to work together to stop vaping usage among high school and college students.