FILE - Iowa farm

Corn farm in Tama County, Iowa

Last year found Iowa’s farmers struggling to earn a living given the trade dispute between the U.S. and China in addition to less than ideal weather conditions.

The lack of revenue has prompted many farmers to turn to purchasing used farm equipment from sale yards.

Aaron Lehman, president of Iowa Farmer's Union, told KCCI-TV that farmers are trying to make ends meet any way they can, stating that they cannot afford to buy new equipment.

"In a state like Iowa, where we depend on our farm manufacturers, that hurts our overall economy if we don't make the investments on our farms that we typically would," Lehman said.

Many farmers say that resorting to such cost cutting measures hurts their industry more than they help.

Aside from the difficulty of generating income, farmers are also struggling with debt.

An Iowa State University report published late last year reveals 44 percent of producers are behind on their bills despite the Trump administration’s efforts to keep them afloat amid economic uncertainty.

The report’s author, ISU economist Alejandro Plastina, said that it has become more difficult for producers to earn anything.