FILE - Turkey farms

The long-awaited passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement came as good news to most everyone, from lawmakers to harvesters.

Count Iowa turkey producers among those happy about the USMCA.

The Hawkeye State is home to more than 150 turkey farmers and over 11 million turkeys themselves. Greta Irwin, the executive director of the Iowa Turkey Federation, stressed the importance of the agreement for turkey farmers.

In the past half-decade, the U.S. has exported about 3 billion pounds of turkey meat globally, with southern neighbor Mexico being one of the leading importers.

“Mexico being our number one trade partner, they love to take the dark meat of turkeys, so, the thighs and the legs and make hams out of it,” Irwin told CBS2/Fox28 News.

According to Irwin, the USMCA continues the strong economic lifeline with Mexico, as well as increase the amount of turkey that will go into Canada. She projects a 29 percent increase in turkey exports to Canada.

And in what could be seen as a silver lining in the huge trade dispute with China, the agreement will give way to increasing exports to one of the world’s two largest economies. China recently lifted its ban on imports of American poultry products.

Radio Iowa reported that the number of turkey producers had increased in recent years. Last year, the state was ranked seventh in turkey production and fifth in turkey processing.