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In this Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019, photograph, a long row of unsold 2020 F-150 pickup trucks sits at a Ford dealership in Littleton, Colorado.

If you want to be exempt from Illinois' new sales tax exemption when trading in a vehicle, buy a truck. 

Illinois will now no longer give a full exemption on the trade-in value of a car. Instead, Illinois’ sales tax will apply to any trade-in vehicle worth more than $10,000. That means trading in a $30,000 car for one worth $60,000 will cost the customer an extra $1,200 in additional sales taxes. 

Illinois Department of Revenue spokesman Sam Salustro said the new tax won’t affect most trade-ins.

“A majority of trade-ins are valued under $10,000,” he said. “This should not affect the majority of people.”

The sales tax will also apply to RVs, ATVs and boats valued at more than $10,000. State officials expect the new tax to bring in $60 million annually. 

Exemptions include one of the more popular forms of transportation in rural Illinois. 

“There’s a broad amount of exemptions,” Salustro said. “For example, pickup trucks or other hauling vehicles.”

Trading in a car in another state won't exempt the purchase from Illinois' sales taxes because the taxes are levied based on the registration address. 

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