FILE - Illinois State Sen. Sue Rezin

Illinois Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris.

(The Center Square) – State Sen. Sue Rezin is calling for additional oversight after a deadly COVID-19 outbreak killed 36 residents at the LaSalle Veterans' Home over the fall.

Rezin, standing in front of veterans alongside state Sen. Craig Wilcox, who is the minority spokesperson for the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee, introduced Senate Bill 1445 in direct response to the handling of the outbreak by state officials.

“The veterans in the LaSalle Veterans' Home protected us when we needed them, but when they needed us, we failed,” Rezin said during a news conference Tuesday.

Rezin's bills currently sit with the Senate Committee but so far, have not moved.

“The fact that these potentially live-saving bills have been essentially blocked is embarrassing and disrespectful to the veterans we lost,” Rezin said.

With only a few weeks left in the session, Rezin says there “is still time to do the right thing” and pass these bills.

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