FILE - Illinois State Capitol

The dome of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.

Task force on property taxes misses first deadline

Illinois' 88 lawmaker task force formed to ease the state's property tax burden has an overdue assignment.

The law that created the task force said it must send the General Assembly a report on its early findings 90 days after the bill was enacted.

Wednesday marked 96 days since the bill became law. Officials have yet to respond to questions regarding progress.

Illinois gets 1,459 new attorneys

The Illinois Supreme Court is swearing in hundreds of lawyers tomorrow. Some 1,459 jurists are scheduled to take the attorney's oath Thursday before the state's highest court.

Once they're in, there will be about 96,500 registered lawyers in the state.

Illinois’ annual pension bill creeps closer to $10 billion, still not close to paying down debt

In 2020, Illinois’ pension systems say they need taxpayers to put up $538 million more than the previous year.

The funds noted that the state should be paying billions more than what it has been paying to reduce the state's estimated $137 billion in unfunded liabilities.

State officials encourage residents to prepare for winter

Officially, winter is weeks away. Unofficially, it's arrived across much of Illinois.

That's why state agencies are encouraging people to begin preparing now for extreme cold, snow and ice.

They recommend visiting for a list of tips to be properly prepared for when the temperatures drop.

Chicago parents voice frustration over make-up dues after teacher strike

Parents of Chicago Public School students are voicing their frustrations with the decision to require students to be in the classroom on some inconvenient days after an agreement was reached to end a teacher strike.

The district announced that students will have to be in school on the day before Thanksgiving, the two days between New Years Day and the weekend and extend the school year by two days. Some say the decision cuts into family vacations.

Arlington Heights Village Board votes to ban recreational cannabis sales

Another suburban Chicago town has decided against allowing pot sales.

Arlington Heights Village Board members decided to ban sales of recreational marijuana, the Daily Herald reported

Several cities, and even a couple counties, across the state have rejected recreational sales, even though they cannot ban the use of recreational cannabis next year.