FILE - Illinois State Capitol

The dome of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.

Office of Executive Inspector General to investigate lobbyist's email

Gov. J.B. Pritzker says the Office of Executive Inspector General is the investigative body that should take the lead in looking into a 2012 email to staff of former Gov. Pat Quinn that references a “rape in Champaign.”

House Republicans want a special legislative committee to investigate. House Speaker Michael Madigan disagreed and said the appropriate authorities have been notified.

Lobbyist says federal investigators sought his cooperation

The man who sent that 2012 “rape in Champaign” email says federal investigators asked him to cooperate. WBEZ reports former lawmaker turned lobbyist Mike McClain said federal investigators have asked, but didn’t elaborate if he’s going to cooperate before he ended an interview.

McClain is a known associate of House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Madigan denied having known anything about the issue before the initial story was published.

Gun group says new state rules create uncertainty

Illinois State Police says they have filed rules that gun stores must comply with, but the rules have not yet been published.

A statewide association for gun stores says the rules, which were supposed to take effect more than a week ago, not being published continues to make things uncertain for small businesses.

The rules are expected to be published next week.