FILE - Illinois State Capitol

The dome of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois.

Illinois State Police Director calls on lawmakers to pass bill to require fingerprints for FOID cards

Illinois State Police officials are advocating for a bill that increases the fees that Firearm Owners Identification card applicants must pay, but it also requires they submit fingerprints to state police in order to get the card.

Gun rights advocates say state police have plenty of money to conduct background checks and FOID enforcement and people should not have to submit fingerprints to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The Illinois State Rifle Association, who is suing the state on other gun issues, says it will sue if the bill passes.

Bipartisan group of lawmakers, advocacy groups want fair map amendment

There’s a renewed push to amend the state constitution to allow an independent commission, rather than politicians, to draw the lines for legislative districts every ten years.

The group of bipartisan lawmakers and advocacy groups and advocates say the proposals filed in the Illinois House and Senate must pass by May 3 in order to get in front of voters this November.

Lawmaker highlights bill to allow student-athletes to get endorsement deals

A state lawmaker is tagging some high profile help to get his measure allowing student athletes to get paid sponsorships.

State Rep. Chris Welch was joined by NBA players this morning pushing for his measure to pass. Last year, the NCAA voted to permit student athletes to sell the use of their name, image and likeness to sponsors.