FILE – COVID-19 vaccine trials

Report shows internal vaccine mandate discussions

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has said he would leave the decision of requiring COVID-19 vaccines for school children up to the legislature, but internal emails from the Illinois Department of Public Health show Pritzker is considering adding the COVID shot to the list of school vaccines.

According to a report from, the governor’s office inquired from IDPH if adding the vaccine would have to go through the committee and hearing process.

Campaigning continues 

The Chicago area was a hot spot for campaigning Sunday just before Tuesday’s election. Rallying with Illinois Democrats, Vice President Kamala Harris framed the midterm elections as a referendum on abortion rights and the fight for democracy.

Harris’ visit came a day after President Joe Biden campaigned for congressional Democrats in the suburbs. Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey told a crowd at Daley Plaza that he would “restore law and order” and “send J.B. Pritzker packing.”

Warmer then colder 

Illinois will soon see summerlike temperatures as a blast of warm air is expected midweek.

Near record high temperatures are forecasted for the entire state on Wednesday and Thursday with some areas nearing 80 degrees. The warm up will be short lived. A storm system moving down from the northwest will usher in cold air, sending overnight lows into the teens over the weekend.