FILE - Texting while driving

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker will decide if the state will get tougher on people who injure others while texting and driving

The fine for texting while driving in Illinois is $75. 

It's the same fine if you're cruising down the street, or if you hit someone and leave them with a broken leg. 

The Illinois Senate last week passed state Sen. Jil Tracy's plan to raise that fine to $1,000 if you injure someone while texting and driving. 

She said the idea came from one of her constituents who was hit by someone who was texting behind the wheel. 

"Someone convicted of texting [while driving] was in an accident, and the driver of the other vehicle lost their leg as a result," Tracy said on the floor of the Senate. "And the only repercussion was a fine of $75."

Tracy's plan would also suspend the driver's license of anyone convicted of texting while driving that hurts someone.

"I know that we do a lot to encourage people not to engage in this activity," Tracy said. "But as the victim and his family say, their lives are impacted everyday, every moment because of the defendant's decision to text while driving."

The Senate unanimously approved the idea. The Illinois House passed it in April. The plan is headed for the governor's desk.