Head coaches of Northwestern University’s men’s teams earn an average of $824,724 annually – the highest such per-capita salary in Illinois – according to a Watchdog.org analysis of federal education data.

Occupying the second and third spots on the men’s coaches’ salaries list were University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ($740,045) and DePaul University ($422,068). 

For Northwestern, the analysis found that the university had the equivalent of 8.5 full-time head coaches on staff for its men’s teams. 

The U.S. Department of Education’s office of postsecondary education collects athletics data annually from all institutions with intercollegiate athletics programs that receive funding through federal financial aid programs. Data for 2016 – the latest year available – includes more than 2,000 schools nationwide.

A total of 97 universities and colleges in Illinois paid salaries to men’s head coaches in 2016.

Top 10 head coaches’ salaries for college men’s teams in U.S.

SchoolStateDivisionTotal UndergraduatesMen's Team Average Annual Institutional Salary per FTEMen's Team Number of FTEs Included in Average
The University of AlabamaALNCAA Division I-FBS29,071$2,607,8456
Baylor UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FBS14,087$1,948,0765.41
Texas A & M University-College StationTXNCAA Division I-FBS44,975$1,754,9836.5
University of KentuckyKYNCAA Division I-FBS20,772$1,748,0817
Florida State UniversityFLNCAA Division I-FBS29,051$1,646,7616
University of MississippiMSNCAA Division I-FBS17,649$1,601,4265.5
Mississippi State UniversityMSNCAA Division I-FBS16,134$1,598,5685.5
University of MiamiFLNCAA Division I-FBS10,102$1,569,6734.7
Auburn UniversityALNCAA Division I-FBS20,260$1,567,7846.02
Texas Christian UniversityTXNCAA Division I-FBS8,591$1,545,2926

Men’s team head coach average salaries for Illinois schools

 SchoolDivisionTotal UndergraduatesMen's Team Average Annual Institutional Salary per FTEMen's Team Number of FTEs Included in Average
NCAA Division I-FBS8,249$824,7248.5
2University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNCAA Division I-FBS32,126$740,0458
3DePaul UniversityNCAA Division I without football13,126$422,0684.5
4Bradley UniversityNCAA Division I without football4,278$272,1444.5
5Illinois State UniversityNCAA Division I-FCS17,420$197,1845.5
6Northern Illinois UniversityNCAA Division I-FBS12,323$195,9577
7Loyola University ChicagoNCAA Division I without football10,261$166,6214
8University of Illinois at ChicagoNCAA Division I without football16,408$124,6836
9Southern Illinois University-CarbondaleNCAA Division I-FCS10,509$114,6515.89
10Western Illinois UniversityNCAA Division I-FCS7,482$105,6764.69
11Eastern Illinois UniversityNCAA Division I-FCS5,117$94,0446
12Augustana CollegeNCAA Division III with football2,514$84,3656.03
13Southern Illinois University-EdwardsvilleNCAA Division I without football9,883$84,1775.5
14University of ChicagoNCAA Division III with football5,956$78,7806.5
15North Central CollegeNCAA Division III with football2,534$73,4806
16North Park UniversityNCAA Division III with football1,884$72,4864.25
17Wheaton CollegeNCAA Division III with football2,400$71,1736.55
18Black Hawk CollegeNJCAA Division II1,909$69,4770.56
19Robert Morris
University Illinois
NAIA Division II2,253$69,3817.51
20Lewis UniversityNCAA Division II without football3,741$66,4676.5
21Aurora UniversityNCAA Division III with football3,302$65,4096.78
22Prairie State CollegeNJCAA Division II1,400$63,5000.4
23McKendree UniversityNCAA Division II with football1,820$63,2417.63
24Olivet Nazarene UniversityNAIA Division II3,019$62,4114.34
25Concordia University-ChicagoNCAA Division III with football1,355$61,5706.25
26Lake Forest CollegeNCAA Division III with football1,502$60,5834.06
27Saint Xavier UniversityNAIA Division II2,599$59,6255.75
28Triton CollegeOther3,107$59,6000.5
29John A Logan CollegeNJCAA Division I1,899$59,0951.65
30Trinity International University-IllinoisNAIA Division I631$58,3033
31Dominican UniversityNCAA Division III without football2,101$57,0522.15
32College of DuPageNJCAA Division III6,335$56,2632.12
33Moody Bible InstituteNCCAA Division II2,275$56,0900.78
34City Colleges of Chicago-Malcolm X CollegeNJCAA Division I2,420$56,0000.6
35Millikin UniversityNCAA Division III with football1,796$55,8537
36University of St FrancisNAIA Division II1,320$55,3864.82
37Olney Central CollegeNJCAA Division I479$55,1931.5
38Illinois Wesleyan UniversityNCAA Division III with football1,760$54,7986.45
39Illinois CollegeNCAA Division III with football949$54,6075.25
40Benedictine UniversityNCAA Division III with football2,687$52,3518.25
41Illinois Central CollegeNJCAA Division II3,082$51,8011.63
42Kankakee Community CollegeNJCAA Division II1,064$51,1570.69
43Morton CollegeNJCAA Division II1,253$50,4220.55
44Governors State UniversityNAIA Division II1,923$50,0011
45Elmhurst CollegeNCAA Division III with football2,682$49,8878.5
46Roosevelt UniversityNAIA Division II2,250$49,5184.76
47University of Illinois
at Springfield
NCAA Division II without football1,896$49,4094.5
48Illinois Institute of TechnologyNCAA Division III without football2,709$48,2094.75
49Lewis and Clark Community CollegeNJCAA Division I1,731$47,6802.25
50City Colleges of Chicago-Harry S Truman CollegeNJCAA Division I1,599$46,8970.58
51Wabash Valley
NJCAA Division I464$46,8131.93
52Quincy UniversityNCAA Division II with football1,035$46,4655.56
53Judson UniversityNAIA Division I786$46,2404.25
54City Colleges of Chicago-Richard J Daley CollegeNJCAA Division I1,901$46,2000.5
55MacMurray CollegeNCAA Division III with football531$45,8843.9
56Trinity Christian
NAIA Division II903$45,5472.7
57Monmouth CollegeNCAA Division III with football1,124$44,6877.36
58Lincoln Trail CollegeNJCAA Division I386$44,4592.12
59Knox CollegeNCAA Division III with football1,325$43,5516
60Southwestern Illinois CollegeNJCAA Division I3,860$43,3000.75
61Lincoln CollegeNJCAA Division III727$42,7704.5
62Rockford UniversityNCAA Division III with football909$42,3404.5
63Eureka CollegeNCAA Division III with football644$41,9722.72
64Blackburn CollegeNCAA Division III without football569$41,7233.5
65Shawnee Community CollegeNJCAA Division I739$41,3680.5
66Chicago State
NCAA Division I without football1,464$40,5644.25
67City Colleges of Chicago-Kennedy-
King College
NJCAA Division I1,570$40,0000.58
68Danville Area Community CollegeNJCAA Division II973$39,0000.5
69Moraine Valley Community CollegeNJCAA Division II6,186$38,6530.9
70Heartland Community CollegeNJCAA Division II2,107$37,7480.66
71Greenville CollegeNCAA Division III with football913$35,7475.72
72Lincoln Land Community CollegeNJCAA Division II2,269$35,1451.19
73South Suburban
NJCAA Division II1,328$34,8841.29
74Lake Land CollegeNJCAA Division I2,261$34,1150.52
75Kaskaskia CollegeNJCAA Division I1,233$33,5601.82
76Oakton Community CollegeNJCAA Division II2,596$33,5462.21
77Rock Valley CollegeNJCAA Division III2,999$33,3330.63
78William Rainey
Harper College
NJCAA Division III4,331$32,5691.28
79Southeastern Illinois CollegeNJCAA Division I457$32,4670.3
80Highland Community CollegeNJCAA Division I823$32,2910.55
81Parkland CollegeNJCAA Division II2,978$31,1131.57
82Spoon River CollegeNJCAA Division II727$30,3030.33
83John Wood
Community College
NJCAA Division II965$29,5450.66
84City Colleges of Chicago-Wilbur
Wright College
NJCAA Division II3,149$28,8000.5
85Sauk Valley
Community College
NJCAA Division I792$28,1331.09
86Rend Lake CollegeNJCAA Division I1,135$26,7440.86
87City Colleges of Chicago-Olive-Harvey CollegeNJCAA Division II781$26,2941
Community College
NJCAA Division II3,101$25,1731.5
89Kishwaukee CollegeNJCAA Division II1,570$22,9880.96
90Lincoln Christian UniversityNAIA Division II357$21,8750.96
91McHenry County CollegeNJCAA Division II1,944$20,8481.32
92College of Lake CountyNJCAA Division II3,808$20,7191.62
93Frontier Community CollegeNJCAA Division I257$19,4350.48
94Elgin Community CollegeNJCAA Division III3,008$19,2851.56
95Joliet Junior CollegeNJCAA Division III4,988$17,1762.54
96Illinois Valley Community CollegeNJCAA Division II1,256$17,1361.47
97Carl Sandburg
NJCAA Division II929$17,1301.88

Source: U.S. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education