Gov. Brian Kemp talks crime.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp updates Georgians at the GBI Gang Task Force news conference July 15, 2021.

(The Center Square) — Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed legislation prohibiting criminals from selling any goods stolen from a retail store on an online platform.

Officials say Senate Bill 332, the Inform Consumers Act, targets so-called "organized retail crime" and safeguards consumers who unknowingly purchase stolen goods and counterfeit products.

It requires "high-volume sellers" whose annual revenue on a marketplace exceeds $20,000 to provide consumers with contact information to ask questions about products they plan to purchase. It also mandates that platforms establish an option for consumers to report suspicious activity.

"Here in Georgia, we will do everything possible to curb crime and make life difficult for those who break the law," Kemp, a Republican, said in an announcement. "With SB 332, we’re dealing another blow to the organized gangs that steal from Georgia shops and stores by making it much harder for them to profit from their heists."

Under the measure, high-volume third-party sellers must provide their financial details, such as their bank account number or the payee’s name, to platforms. Sellers who do not comply will be banned from using the online platforms.

The measure also empowers the attorney general to enforce compliance with disclosure requirements.

The new regulations take effect on Jan. 1.