Georgia state. Rep. Colton Moore, R–Dade

Georgia state. Rep. Colton Moore, R-Dade

Georgia state Rep. Colton Moore, R-Dade, is gunning for the U.S. Capitol in 2020.

Colton announced Sunday that he wants to run for the 14th Congressional House seat currently held by U.S. Congressman Tom Graves.

“As a citizen of Northwest Georgia for 25 years, it has been a privilege to work in Atlanta for Dade and Walker Counties,” Moore said. "Each day, we continue to execute our vision of a strong, open-minded voice for every person in District 1, no matter the issue. I believe our next member of Congress must be able to deliver this same boldness, and I felt the time was right to explore this great honor."

Graves, also a Republican, announced Dec. 5 that he would not be seeking re-election. Graves has been focused on job creation, tax cuts, border security, health care and Second Amendment rights while in office. He plans to leave the Hill to focus on modernizing Congress.

“As we all do, I'm entering a new season in life,” Graves said in a statement. "An exciting season. So, the time has come for me to pass the baton.

Moore is the seventh most conservative legislator across all 236 members of Georgia’s State Legislature, according to the American Conservative Union. He has been known to be an avid supporter of Georgia’s Heartbeat law.

“Being a state representative has allowed our district to be recognized and respected across the state in ways Sen. Jeff Mullis and I never thought were possible,” Moore said. “Bringing this pace and progress to Washington D.C. would expand our impact to more families and businesses across Northwest Georgia and our United States.”

Moore is an auctioneer by trade who travels all over the globe to lead auctions. He touts his international travel as an advantage in foreign affairs policy.

Moore took over the Statehouse seat in 2018 when he won 54 percent of the votes to defeat his opponent, a six-year incumbent. At 25 years old, Moore is the youngest lawmaker to serve his district.

He has already tapped a possible replacement for his House seat.

“If our community believes this is the right next step, it would be my job to find a fearless representative to continue moving District 1 forward,” Moore said. “Someone like Dr. David Bosshart of Walker County, I believe, could do very well for us in this position. Only then would it be possible to take part in the incredible honor of expanding our freedoms and economic progress in Washington with one of the greatest visionaries our country has ever seen, President Donald Trump.”

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