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Georgia’s attorney general has issued a warning about caller ID imposter schemes being used to scam consumers in the state.

Scammers are using technology to falsify the information transmitted on caller ID display screens to disguise themselves as financial institutions, government entities and other credible organizations to obtain the personal and financial information of residents.

Attorney General Chris Carr said the state’s Department of Law is working with federal officials to quell the process called spoofing and end illegal robocalls.

“Many people rely on caller ID to help them determine whether a call is legitimate or a scam,” Carr said. “Unfortunately, with the advent of spoofing technology, you can’t always trust your caller ID.”

Many of the fake callers claim to be with the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI and local enforcement. At times, they use scare tactics to retrieve information. The Federal Communications Commission has recently taken action against robocalls and spoofing by implementing new rules to combat the issue.

The FCC announced last week that it is enforcing the RAY BAUM Act, which bans falsifying caller ID information via text message and international calls. The commission also authorized service providers to offer blocking services for unknown callers. Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have made the service available to subscribers.

Carr warns consumers to watch out for callers who are:

  • Threatening arrests or saying that loved ones are in danger
  • Asking for money in order to receive a prize
  • Promising to recover money lost by scam
  • Calling with get-rich-quick promises
  • Requesting money transfers or gift cards

Carr said residents should not use caller ID alone to verify a caller’s identity. Instead, residents should hang up and call the phone number listed on the organization’s website.

“While we work with federal officials to crack down on illegal robocalls and spoofing technology, the Department of Law will continue to remain vigilant and provide alerts to help Georgians stay ahead of scammers,” Carr said.


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