Americans paid off nearly $100 billion in credit card debt in the early months of the pandemic, as shutdowns across the country found much of the population isolating in their homes and therefore not spending as much. Over the past year, however, debt from credit cards and other revolving plans has surged, hitting an all-time high of $1.1 trillion in April 2022, the most recent month of available data.

According to a credit card debt study from WalletHub, a financial advice company, the average American household had $8,425 in credit card debt in the first quarter of 2022, up 3.1% from a year earlier. In some parts of the country, however, average debt per household exceeds that amount by thousands of dollars.

In Pembroke Pines, Florida, total outstanding credit card debt stood at $801.2 million in the first quarter of 2022, or an average of $13,307 per household - well above the national average and among the most of any large U.S. city.

Many cities with high credit card debt also have higher than average incomes, and Pembroke Pines is no exception. The typical household in the city earns $68,683 annually, compared to the national median household income of $64,994, according to five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey.


RankCityAvg. household credit card debt ($)Total credit card debt ($)Median household income ($)
1Pearl City, HI15,709222.6 mil.101,517
2New York, NY15,43349.3 bil.67,046
3Santa Clarita, CA14,9371 bil.100,932
4Chula Vista, CA14,8611.2 bil.86,132
5Chesapeake, VA14,5761.3 bil.81,261
6Oxnard, CA13,956712 mil.77,050
7Anchorage, AK13,9251.5 bil.84,813
8Santa Ana, CA13,8921.1 bil.72,406
9Virginia Beach, VA13,7092.4 bil.78,136
10Scottsdale, AZ13,6231.6 bil.91,042
11Plano, TX13,5731.5 bil.96,348
12Juneau, AK13,486173.7 mil.88,077
13Gilbert, AZ13,4381.1 bil.99,154
14Pembroke Pines, FL13,307801.2 mil.68,683
15Riverside, CA13,2341.2 bil.72,738
16Norfolk, VA13,2231.2 bil.53,026
17Fort Lauderdale, FL13,115983.2 mil.64,313
18Rancho Cucamonga, CA12,849738.6 mil.92,290
19Huntington Beach, CA12,713986.4 mil.97,469
20Fontana, CA12,709703.7 mil.75,681
21Irvine, CA12,6841.2 bil.108,318
22San Antonio, TX12,6786.5 bil.53,420
23Boston, MA12,6713.5 bil.76,298
24Oceanside, CA12,618771.1 mil.75,411
25Glendale, CA12,590941.3 mil.70,596
26Los Angeles, CA12,56617.6 bil.65,290
27Anaheim, CA12,4791.3 bil.76,723
28Garden Grove, CA12,446595.4 mil.73,611
29Honolulu, HI12,4291.6 bil.72,454
30New Orleans, LA12,4191.9 bil.43,258
31Washington, DC12,4123.6 bil.90,842
32San Diego, CA12,4016.3 bil.83,454
33Dallas, TX12,3636.5 bil.54,747
34Ontario, CA12,308622.8 mil.67,357
35Atlanta, GA12,2972.6 bil.64,179
36Columbia, SC12,221578.1 mil.47,416
37Austin, TX12,2154.8 bil.75,752
38San Jose, CA12,1683.9 bil.117,324
39Corpus Christi, TX12,1201.4 bil.57,387
40Moreno Valley, CA11,948615.8 mil.70,385
41Columbia, MD11,922491.9 mil.111,278
42San Francisco, CA11,9174.3 bil.119,136
43Henderson, NV11,7471.4 bil.75,430
44Charleston, SC11,707670 mil.72,071
45Miami, FL11,5972.1 bil.44,268
46Chandler, AZ11,5281.1 bil.85,796
47Fort Worth, TX11,4723.5 bil.64,567
48Cape Coral, FL11,470801.9 mil.61,780
49Overland Park, KS11,447914.5 mil.87,629
50Long Beach, CA11,3391.9 bil.66,410