Colorado residents will receive extra weekly unemployment benefits of $300 as a result of an authorization by President Trump, according to a state-by-state tally published by the Forbes website.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has indicated that it will provide six weeks worth of benefits after talks involving congressional representatives to provide more coronavirus relief broke down. 

The application for the unemployed residents’ benefits in Colorado was approved on Aug. 16. The actual benefits will start to be sent out on Sept. 18, Forbes reported.

The process to provide claimants with additional jobless benefits has caused uncertainties among the unemployed, according to Forbes. Driving some of the uncertainties is the need for some states to upgrade their computer systems so they can handle the added benefits, the website said.


Status of Each State’s Enhanced Jobless Benefits

StateFEMA StatusAmountWhen Do Payments Begin?
AlabamaApproved on Aug. 21$300Already started
AlaskaApproved on Aug. 23$300Late October
ArizonaApproved on Aug. 15$300Already started
ArkansasApproved on Aug. 25$300"Weeks away"
CaliforniaApproved on Aug. 22$300Sept. 7
ColoradoApproved on Aug. 16$300Sept. 18
ConnecticutApproved on Aug. 24$300Mid-September
DelawareApproved on Sept. 2$300Week of Sept. 14
District of ColumbiaApproved on Sept. 8$300TBD
FloridaApproved on Aug. 29$300Sept. 11
GeorgiaApproved on Aug. 23$300Mid-September
HawaiiApproved on Aug. 29$300TBD
IdahoApproved on Aug. 19$300Already started
IllinoisApproved on Sept. 1$300TBD
IndianaApproved on Aug. 21$300Mid- to late September
IowaApproved on Aug. 15$300Already started
KansasApproved on Sept. 7$400Late September at the earliest
KentuckyApproved on Aug. 21$400Early September
LouisianaApproved on Aug. 15$300Already started
MaineApproved on Aug. 25$300Mid- to late September
MarylandApproved on Aug. 20$300Sept. 11
MassachusettsApproved on Aug. 21$300Already started
MichiganApproved on Aug. 21$300Week of Sept. 7
MinnesotaApproved on Aug. 29$300Already started
MississippiApproved on Aug. 22$300Mid- to late September
MissouriApproved on Aug. 16$300Already started
MontanaApproved on Aug. 18$400Already started
NebraskaApproved on Sept. 9TBAMid- to late September, at the earliest
New HampshireApproved on Aug. 24$300Sept. 10
New JerseyApproved on Sept. 4$300October
New MexicoApproved on Aug. 15$300Second week of September
New YorkApproved on Aug. 24$300Week of Sept. 13
North CarolinaApproved on Aug. 21$300Already started
North DakotaApproved on Aug. 31$300Mid-September
OhioApproved on Aug. 26$300Mid- to late September
OklahomaApproved on Aug. 18$300Mid- to late September
OregonApproved on Aug. 28$300TBD
PennsylvaniaApproved on Aug. 24$300Sept. 12
Rhode IslandApproved on Aug. 22$300Sept. 12
South CarolinaApproved on Sept. 1$300Mid- to late September
South DakotaWill not apply----
TennesseeApproved on Aug. 22$300Already started
TexasApproved on Aug. 21$300Already started
UtahApproved on Aug. 16$300Mid-September
VermontApproved on Aug. 22$400Mid-September
VirginiaApproved on Aug. 26$300Sept. 30
WashingtonApproved on Aug. 24$300Week of Sept. 21
West VirginiaApproved on Aug. 27$400Week of Sept. 14
WisconsinApproved on Sept. 1$300November
WyomingApproved on Aug. 28$300TBD