FILE - Colorado state Rep. Tom Sullivan

Colorado state Rep. Tom Sullivan

An effort to recall Rep. Tom Sullivan, D-Centennial, was called off Tuesday in a statement by backers.

Sullivan, whose son was killed in the Aurora shooting, was facing a recall over his support for controversial “reg flag” gun control legislation that became law in April. 

“While we are pulling the recall today to focus on other essential efforts, Sullivan does not get a free pass,” Kristi Burton Brown, Colorado GOP vice chairman, said in a Facebook post. “2020 is the year to oust him, with the support of voters who now know how extreme he is.” 

The petition to recall Sullivan was approved by the Colorado Secretary of State last month.

The law allows a judge to order the seizure of an individual’s firearms by issuing a temporary extreme risk protection order (ERPO) at the request of family or law enforcement. 

Critics say the law doesn’t include due process rights protections and does nothing to address mental health issues.

The legislation also drew the ire of half the counties in the state, which passed measures declaring “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” The law is being challenged in court over an alleged violation of constitutional procedures in the state House before the bill passed.

“This last month has confirmed everything we suspected about Tom Sullivan and the Colorado Democrats. They are, flat out, too extreme for House District 37 and for our state,” Burton Brown said. “The recall effort has provided us with the opportunity to talk with voters and determine that they are predictably shocked when Sullivan’s full voting record is exposed. His votes supporting government funding of heroin injection sites, giving away Colorado’s presidential vote to California and New York, letting schools hide information from parents, and stripping citizens of their privacy and property rights are extreme and out of touch.”

Pro-gun group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, which was collecting signatures in support of the recall, also announced it was suspending efforts.

“It’s clear from our work on the ground in HD-37 that Sullivan is out of step with his constituents and Colorado at-large,” said RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown. “Tom Sullivan’s socialist voting record and radically anti-gun positions will be a central discussion piece of the 2020 General election.”

Burton Brown said resources will be directed toward the effort to put the state’s national popular vote law on the ballot in 2020.

“The best strategies are unified strategies and, in order to accomplish the most good in the shortest time, we have decided to pull essential resources from this recall and free up volunteers to help finish the National Popular Vote petition effort and to focus on recalling Democrat Senators who are not up for re-election in 2020,” she said.

Colorado Politics first reported on the recall shuttered recall effort.

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