FILE - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock victory speech

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock gives victory speech after winning third term.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock secured a third term in a runoff election decided Tuesday night.

Hancock defeated Jamie Giellis with over 56 percent of the vote, almost 91,000 votes in total. Giellis received over 70,600 votes, or 43.7 percent.

“This is the people’s victory,” Hancock said in his victory speech. “Because the people powered this campaign.”

“Tonight this victory is for everyone in Denver, Colorado,” he added.

Giellis called for unity in her concession speech.

“This is not the speech I wanted to give or the outcome we wanted, but we must move forward as a city in unity,” Giellis said.

The race was at times heated, with the city’s homelessness and urban camping, in addition to increased development, being key issues.

Giellis, an urban planner, ran a campaign focusing on the concerns of a rapidly growing city, while Hancock, a Denver native, touted the city's growth as success.

Hancock didn’t reach the 50 percent vote threshold in the May election, leading to the runoff. Five other candidates including Giellis ran in the initial mayoral race.

Denver City Council in April passed a plan to hike the minimum wage for city workers and contractors to $15 an hour, a plan backed by Hancock.

Colorado lawmakers passed legislation, signed into law by Gov. Jared Polis, to allow local governments to set their own minimum wage for private-sector workers.

Hancock testified in favor of the measure before the state legislature.

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