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Colorado has the top economy in the country and ranks as the 10th best overall state in a recent analysis by U.S. News & World Report.

The “Best State Rankings” for 2019 measures “outcomes for citizens using more than 70 metrics” into eight categories. Colorado also placed 10th overall on the 2018 list.

Despite having the top economy, Colorado ranked 12th in health care and 11th in education, the two most heavily weighted categories.

The Centennial State ranked eighth for infrastructure; 28th for opportunity; 29th for fiscal stability; 29th for crime and corrections; and 31st for natural environment. 

“Colorado is the eighth-largest state in terms of landmass. While its geographic diversity and natural resources have been an economic boon as well as a draw for tourism, the state's government has made efforts to diversify the economy over the past decades,” the state’s profile said. 

“Historically, the state has been rich in agriculture, livestock and mineral extraction. In addition to tourism, the state's economy is bolstered by a developing technology scene and a presence from the military, including the U.S. Air Force Academy,” U.S. News & World Report added. 

Colorado was beat out in the overall ranking by Washington, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Utah, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Nebraska.

Three Colorado cities – Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora – recently made a list for best locations to start a small business.

Colorado’s population and economy has been booming recently. Employers in the state added more than 6,000 jobs from February to March. 

The state’s population is almost 5.7 million, up from 5 million in 2010, and Denver is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country.

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Derek Draplin is a regional editor at The Center Square. He previously worked as an opinion producer at Forbes, and as a reporter at Michigan Capitol Confidential and The Detroit News. He’s also an editor at The Daily Caller.