Newsom announces teacher vaccine requirement

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

(The Center Square) – California Gov. Gavin Newsom may be cooking up plans for a statewide COVID-19 vaccination mandate for K-12 students.

The governor said the prospect of a first-in-the-nation vaccination mandate for all school attendees is not out of the question.

“It’s on the table,” Newsom said Tuesday in Oakland.

Newsom said there are issues the state must working through that are unique and distinctive by region. 

“We are in discussion with 1,050 school districts,” he said. “We’re working very closely with their staff to understand the logistical challenges and hurdles.”

The news came days after Oakland Unified School District announced it would require a COVID-19 vaccination for students, beginning in 2022. Los Angeles Unified School District announced earlier in September it would require all eligible students to be vaccinated as a condition of attending classes. 

LAUSD dropped its vaccine requirement for teachers and staff shortly after the district was sued over the mandate. 

Newsom referenced California Health and Human Services Secretary Mark Ghaly making similar comments earlier in the week.

“We’re watching the experience in Los Angeles, understanding what it means for students and families alike, staff as well, and watching as other counties consider the same,” Ghaly told The Associated Press.

Talk of a mandate comes as pharmaceutical companies said approval for their vaccines could come as “early as Halloween” for children as young as age 5. 

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