League of Arizona Cities

Leaders from across Arizona gathered in Tucson this week to discuss their vision of the future of the state.

Ninety-one representatives from cities across Arizona met as part of the annual League of Arizona Cities and Towns conference.

The four-day conference, which wrapped up Friday, gave members an opportunity to discuss items and issues that affect residents statewide.

One of the top conference topics was the broader discussion of a number of legislative “wish list” items. Those that are approved by the members attending the conference will be presented to the state legislature when it returns to work in January.

The items being considered were brought to the conference through committees. Each committee has a particular focus area. The committees are:

  • Budget, Finance and Economic Development
  • General Administration, Human Resources and Elections
  • Neighborhoods, Sustainability and Quality of Life
  • Public Safety, Military Affairs and Courts
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works

Some of the proposals discussed this week by the general membership for suggestion to the state legislature were:

• Allowing for the local regulation of investor-owned short-term home rentals.

• Addressing prop­erty tax codes that deal with “salvage” property valuations.

• Establishing a revolving fund available to cities and towns to fund abatement efforts in blighted communities.

• Providing local governments with the ability to include, within their executive committee sessions, emergency situation discussions.

• Supporting an initiative of local governing bodies to, when notice publication is required by law, use any newspaper as published within the respective county.

The League of Arizona Cities and Towns was founded “to promote local self-government, municipal independence and provide professional and high quality assistance to the municipal governments in the State of Arizona.”