FILE - Massage therapist

Arizona has made it easier for occupational therapists to put their skills to work. The state recently became the first in the nation to allow occupational therapists to practice, regardless of where they received their license.

HB 2569 was signed into law by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. The law now says that if you have a license in occupational therapy from another state and you’ve been practicing in good standing for a year minimum, you can begin to practice in Arizona without undergoing a new licensing exam.

A release from the Goldwater Institute heralded the decision.

“At the Goldwater Institute, we’ve long advocated for occupational licensing reform, including universal recognition,” the statement said.

In his 2019 State of the State address, Ducey said, “100,000 people will move here this year ... Lots of them are trained and certified in other states. Standing in their way of earning a living in Arizona, our own licensing boards, and their cronies who tell them, 'You can’t work here. You haven’t paid the piper.' ”

In the release from the Goldwater Institute, Director of Government Affairs Jenna Bentley said, “New Arizonans who hold licenses will no longer be punished for trying to make their career in the Grand Canyon State—and that’s an important sign that Arizona is a place that truly recognizes the importance of hard work.”