FILE - National guard

Those serving in Arizona’s National Guard units will see their educational opportunities grow for the first time in almost a decade.

In 2010, the budget for the tuition reimbursement program for members of the Arizona National Guard was left unfunded. This was during the Great Recession and states at the time were looking for ways to cut expenses to account for shrinking tax revenue.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the state legislature recently worked to restore those funds and restart a program that Ducey sees as “deserved.”

“The brave men and women of the Arizona National Guard put their lives on the line to defend our country at home and abroad," Ducey said in a news release. "These are dollars they have earned and deserve. We are eternally grateful for their service and are proud to make this investment in them.”

Under the newly reinstated National Guard Postsecondary Education Reimbursement Program, those serving are eligible to receive a $250 reimbursement per credit hour of post-secondary education. The reimbursement amount is capped at $4,000 per individual, per year.

The program is open to those who are currently serving, are in good standing, and have finished their occupational training programs. Those interested in receiving assistance through the program will need to complete an application, which can be found online.