FILE -  Maricopa County ballot

A Maricopa County ballot.

(The Center Square) – After a nearly six-hour-long legislative hearing over the General Election, an Arizona lawmaker said he’d soon demand election tech company Dominion Voting Systems to turn over equipment and ballots used in the state’s election process.

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard hours of testimony from county officials and election attorneys in addition to experts from Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office.

Their responses were relatively uniform, saying there was no evidence of widespread fraud in the state’s election. 

State Sen. Eddie Farnsworth, R-Gilbert, announced he would soon use his subpoena power as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee to demand Dominion turn over hardware, software and ballots. The company has been under fire from Republicans in Michigan and Georgia as well. Many are now calling for complete hand recounts of swing states, Arizona included.

“This is borne out of the idea and the fact that the Legislature has the ability and the authority, ultimately, to make sure that our elections are fair, open, transparent, and that we have integrity in the process,” Farnsworth said in an interview with the conservative Right Side Network.

“This will ensure that, at least, the Legislature has a process in place.” 

In question by Republicans are the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, which saw presumptive President-Elect Joe Biden outpace President Donald Trump by more than 45,000 votes. Many of the disputed ballots would not have closed the gap in legal challenges to the results, or even get Trump close enough to trigger a recount. Lawmakers gave special attention to “federal-only” ballots that allowed a voter without identification to still cast a ballot. Those numbered around 3,000 in Maricopa County.

Farnsworth said the subpoenas could be issued a soon as Tuesday.

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